The benefits of Anaerobic Digestion to Farmers and Landowners

Commercial & Environmental Benefits

Nutrient-Rich, High-Quality Fertiliser for Land Owners

The end result of our process is a nutrient-rich bio-fertiliser, which can be spread to land to reinvest its nutrient content into new crop growth. We have worked closely with local farmers to develop an innovative, efficient and cost-effective way of spreading bio-fertiliser to the land.

We recommend that farmers conform to the principles set in CoGAP and subsequent guidance by using low-level application techniques, greatly improving nutrient efficiency and maximising crop uptake. It is in liquid form, helping nutrients permeate through the soil and access root structures and the organic matter included in our fertiliser helps improve soil quality and nutrient retention properties.

The nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium present in the feedstock remains in the bio-fertiliser. The nutrients are more available and it is easier for plants to make use of them

Andigestion’s bio-fertiliser meets the standards set out in the Quality Protocol  and PAS110.

Technical Advice

Before applying bio-fertiliser to your land there are several things that you must do. Seek advice on suitable applications for quality digestate from an advisor qualified under the Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme (FACTS). If you need help with this please contact Andigestion.

Whole Digestate must be spread using low level application techniques, subsequently soil management is essential to minimise ammonia emissions.

Ensure any application of quality bio-fertiliser conforms to the principles set out in Code of Good Agricultural Practice to Protect Water, Soil and Air Quality (CoGAP). This covers all aspects of agricultural activities including nutrient use. In particular, bio-fertiliser should not be spread on frozen, snow-covered or waterlogged ground, or within 10 metres of a watercourse.

When spreading bio-fertiliser you should match the application to crop nutrient requirements. Apply Whole Digestate in accordance with a Nutrient Management Plan for the farm; see Fertiliser Recommendations for Agricultural and Horticultural Crops (RB209) (or subsequent guidance).

Key facts:

Our fertiliser is suitable for use on:

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