The Benefits For Education

Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion for Education

Commercial Benefits

It is estimated that the UK throws away over 10 million tonnes of food each, year worth over £13 billion. As school budgets get tighter, often first thought is that recycling food waste is more expensive than disposing of it via their general waste. In fact, having your food waste recycled separately will help save you money. Waste going to anaerobic digestion is not subject to landfill tax and as such is a significantly cheaper method of disposal.

By diverting food waste from your general waste bin you can reduce the weight of your general waste bin significantly and in doing so cut down on surcharges for additional weight and even reduce the number of bins required. We weigh all our bins on each collection so we can provide you with accurate data on how much waste you are producing. This reporting can be used to minimise your wastage by first highlighting the scale of the issue, and secondly highlighting trends over time – such as the impact of different portion sizes or meal choices.

Our plants are able to process:

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Environmental Benefits

Reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

Organic waste that is sent to landfill allows methane to be released directly into the atmosphere. Methane is around 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and therefore far more harmful to the environment. The AD process captures the energy stored in the methane and turns it into useful electrical energy and heat and carbon dioxide.

Furthermore the AD process ensures that vital, finite resources that are essential for plant growth are returned to land in a controlled way. Andigestion can provide you with information on how much renewable energy your waste is generating, so you can share your success with your pupils and drive their interest in the environment.

Key facts:

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Energy produced from disposing of your food waste




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