Woodchip Fuel

1.4 million people served

Eco friendly

Cost effective

KWh produced from our food waste this year

Andigestion produces premium grade dry woodchip, supplying customers across the South West and Cornwall. Our Woodsure Certification means you can be confident that Andigestion will supply you with a high quality, consistent and sustainable supply of wood chip.

Heat generated from our biogas fired engines allows us to force dry wood chip, this means the wood chip is much dryer than naturally dried chip, giving the wood chips a higher energy density. All of our wood chip is produced to the M20/P16 Specification and can be delivered by skip or walking floor vehicles as per your requirement.

Sustainable Woodchip

Andigestion endeavours to source all of our wood fuel with minimal effects on the environment, this means locally sourcing timber and using virgin soft wood. Where possible this comes from our own woodland in Devon.

We are on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL0522335-0004) meaning that all of our woodchip meets the sustainability requirements for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

For more information please contact Bonnie:

Email: bonnieh@andigestion.com
Landline: 01409 253861

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