Wheelie Bin Exchange

Our food waste wheelie bin exchange service offers a cost-effective, hassle free and environmentally friendly way for organisations of any size to start recycling their food waste.

Our 240 Litre wheelie bins are exchanged for clean sanitised bins by our dedicated food waste collection vehicles on each visit. By providing a clean bin exchange we avoid the unpleasant odours, mess, and vermin problems often associated with food waste.

On collection of the food waste bins, they are taken to our state of the art anaerobic digestion facility, where they are emptied in our food waste reception hall. We log the weight of every bin, so that we can provide our customers with accurate and up-to-date information on how much waste they are producing and how much renewable energy their waste is generating.

In the reception hall the food waste is processed by de-packaging machines before entering the anaerobic digestion process. The result of this process is renewable energy in the form of biomethane, electricity and heat as well as a nitrogen rich biofertilliser, called digestate, which is spread on local farmland.

Food waste recycling is a great way to reduce your organisations waste management costs, by diverting food waste away from landfill you will be cutting down on the number of expensive general waste collections. Andigestion’s charges are clear and transparent, and we don’t charge for Duty of Care documents, bin rental, or excess weight.

If you are interested in reducing your organisations environmental impact and waste management costs please get in touch.

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