Commercial Collections

Over 1 tonne of food waste per week

We offer a collection service to all sizes of business, some generating up to 100 tonnes a week of waste, others generating as little as 1 tonne per week. The methods of storing and transportation vary according to the size and needs of our customers and include bulk trailers, tankers, curtain-siders, skips, and pallet boxes.

Flexible Collections

Large customers are predominantly serviced by the exchange of bulk trailers or skips. For smaller customers, we use our own vehicle to collect food waste stored in wheelie bins or pallet boxes on our customers’ sites. Bulk liquids are collected from holding tanks

Waste collections are made with the appropriate frequency to match the requirements of our clients and vary from every day of the week to once a fortnight. Andigestion can also process food that is end of line, out of date, or not fit for sale or consumption.

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