Bulk Collections

Andigestion helps organisations, who produce large amounts of food waste, to reduce their waste management costs and boost their green credentials. Disposal of food waste by anaerobic digestion is significantly cheaper than sending the waste to landfill and demonstrates a commitment to a more sustainable solution to waste management.

Andigestion offers a bespoke food waste disposal service, ensuring that we deliver the right balance of cost savings and convenience. Depending on your requirements we can provide pallet boxes, bulk trailers, tankers or skips for food waste containment on your site and collect these on a schedule which suits your business. In addition to these we are also able to collect palletised food waste using our fleet of curtain-siders and a network of national hauliers.

Whether you have a regular supply of waste or a one off disposal requirement. We can process packaged and unpackaged food waste at our secure facilities, giving you piece of mind that your waste is being destroyed securely and in confidence. Andigestion can also process food that is end of line, out of date, or not fit for sale or consumption.

If you are looking to save money, cut emissions, and reduce your environmental impact get in touch with Andigestion. We will take the time to understand your needs and take the stress out of managing your waste.

All of our facilities are licenced to take Category 3 animal by-products, which covers raw and cooked meat waste, canteen waste, household food waste, and blood from healthy animals.

Flexible Collections

For large customers we predominantly service the sites by using bulk trailers or skips. For smaller customers we use our own fleet of vehicles to collect food waste stored in pallet boxes, wheelie bins, or pallets. Bulk liquids are collected from holding tanks using tankers.

Waste collections are made with the appropriate frequency to match the requirements of our clients and vary from every day of the week to once a fortnight. Andigestion can also process food that is end of line, out of date, or not fit for sale or consumption.

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