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Andigestion can dramatically help your company reduce its waste disposal costs.

We Take Waste from Everyone

At the Holsworthy Biogas Plant, we process around 1,300 tonnes of food waste and effluents per week. This waste comes from local authorities, industrial food manufacturers and processors, bakeries, fish wholesalers, pubs, restaurants, abattoirs – from practically any business or enterprise that generates food waste.

The site is licensed by DEFRA to treat category 3 animal by-products, which covers raw and cooked meat waste, canteen waste, household food waste, and blood from healthy animals.

Collection Service

We offer a collection service to all sizes of business, some generating up to 100 tonnes a week of waste, others generating as little as 300kgs. The methods of storing and transportation vary according to the size and needs of our customers, and include bulk trailers, tankers, curtain-siders, skips, and pallet boxes.

Large customers are predominantly serviced by the exchange of bulk trailers or skips. For smaller customers we use our own vehicle to collect food waste stored in pallet boxes on our customers’ sites. Bulk liquids are collected from holding tanks.

Waste collections are made with the appropriate frequency to match the requirements of our clients, and vary from every day of the week to once a fortnight.

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Wheelie Bin Exchange

Our food waste wheelie bin collections offer a flexible, clean and cost-effective way of dealing with food waste. All our bins are exchanged on every visit and replaced with a fresh, clean bin each time which eliminates any unpleasant odours.

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Wood Chip Fuel

Andigestion produces premium grade dry woodchip, supplying customers across the South West and Cornwall. Our Woodsure Certification means you can be confident that Andigestion will supply you with a high quality, consistent and sustainable supply of wood chip.

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Processing of Packaged Food Waste

We have invested heavily in our depackaging operation, which allows us to take packaged food waste from manufacturers, distributors, supermarkets and shops, and separate the food from the packaging for onward processing in the plant.


Andigestion offer a fully traceable, safe and secure destruction process that will protect brand identity and black market re-sales. All organic waste is removed from its packaging by our depackaging machines and processed via anaerobic digestion. At our Holsworthy plant every part of the packaging is securely shredded, bulked and destroyed by incineration at an Energy from Waste facility with the benefits of generating energy from your waste packaging too. With this we can guarantee zero waste to landfill. At our Bishops Cleeve facility the shredded waste is disposed of via the adjacent landfill site.

All goods received are processed as soon as possible and monitored by CCTV, a Certificate of Destruction is issued for your audit trail and peace of mind.

So whatever the size of your business, we can help you improve your green credentials, and your bottom line, by treating your waste in the most environmentally sustainable method.

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