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Award-Winning Devon Pasty Maker Helps Cook Up Clean, Green & Eco-friendly Energy!

Chunk of Devon makes outstanding and award-winning pies, pasties, pork pies and sausage rolls using local meats and vegetables, home made stock and gravies.  Additive free, they’re in demand not just in Devon but all over the country - they’re stocked in shops, delis and cafes across the county and even served at Wembley and Wimbledon!

With over 120 awards in the company’s trophy cabinet, it’s a company which is dedicated to making the very best products possible - Chunk’s famous Steak Pasty alone holds nine consecutive Great Taste awards and recently won ‘Britain’s Best Pasty’ award, beating off our neighbours down the coast!  Using only all-natural ingredients and offering a wide range of traditional and veggie options, Chunk is mindful that the quality of its products and its approach to sustainability are key factors in its success - and that’s evident in every stage of the production process even down to disposing of its food waste!

From its factory in Ottery St Mary, near Exeter, the company produces more than a million pies and pasties every year - and as anyone who’s ever made a pie will appreciate, the pastry trimmings can soon mount up!  In line with the company’s commitment to sourcing local ingredients and the belief that food should be simple, tasty and natural, the company is also keen to dispose of its food waste as sustainably as possible.

Over the course of 2018, Andigestion collected more than 30 tonnes of Chunk’s food waste - mainly pastry trimmings! - all of which was recycled at its Holsworthy site near Bude.  Through its anaerobic digestion process, the Andigestion plant contributes clean, green and eco-friendly energy to around 10,000 local homes by producing electricity which is fed back into the national grid.  The ‘digestate’ by-product of the process – a mineral-rich, liquid fertiliser – is used by local farmers as a sustainable alternative to carbon-intensive chemical fertilisers.

“We aim to be as sustainable as possible in all aspects of our business and by disposing of our food waste in this way, we’re delighted that we can avoid landfill and play our part in the green economy,” comments Chunk general manager Simon Baker.

Issued on behalf of Andigestion by Leapfrog PR.  Editorial contacts are Sarah Wheeler or Felicity Read on 01242 282000 or email

Award-Winning Devon Pasty Maker Helps Cook Up Clean, Green & Eco-friendly Energy!